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Do you have a faulty spa tub? Worry no more because we are capable of fixing it. It is disappointing whenever you switch on your spa, and almost nothing happens. If yours is defective, call Pool Repairs Houston for spa transportation solutions in Houston, Texas. Pool Repairs Houston has more than a decade of experience caring for hot tubs; therefore, we’ll quickly determine what is wrong with yours. After we have isolated the problem, our technicians will make the required repairs to correct it. We likewise offer spa maintenance solutions to avoid problems from happening.

To better serve our clients and their spa needs, we became certified electricians. In case your spa tub is not heating, features a leak, or when its engine stops or even trips the breaker; we come to your property and restore it at that moment. We repair many brands, including Morgan, Master Spas, Sundance, and much more. You can likewise contact us in case you wish to relocate your spa. We get it, move it, and totally set up and rewire it. We offer custom maintenance for your spa repair Houston. We provide one time calls and monthly plans for maintenance services. With maintenance programs, we come in your house once in a while, as determined by the program we develop with you, to clean up and maintain your spa tub.

The state of Texas requires specialists to be licensed to fix hot tubs and spas. Hiring a professional technician ensures that your high voltage spa does not hurt anybody, and it guarantees the task is completed appropriately the very first time. We have a quick mobile spa repair Houston TX service, expert spa advice, and flexible booking times. We keep customers’ spas in the best condition, specializing in the maintenance and repair of all models and makes. We likewise perform custom installations and upgrades and also have nearly all stock to repair your spa on the location.

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Spa Repair Houston TX

Our onsite service technicians employ their expert knowledge to look for and restore your spa as fast as we can. We likewise provide a wide variety of chemical substances, test systems, and quality custom made lockable tough covers to fit any specifications. We have spa headrests, pumps, heaters, air blowers, jets, control devices and components, cartridges, and filters, and every addition designed to go together with your spa.

Pool Repairs Houston has been making spa owners happy for more than a decade. We serve Houston and neighboring areas and repair hundreds of spas annually. We have many years of experience, causing us to be the preference for your Houston spa repair needs.

Pool Repairs Houston specializes in the electronic and electrical repair of hot tubs and spas, managing the following issues and parts: air blowers, ozonators, cover and cover lifts, control Boxes, plumbing and pipes, replacement cabinets and stairs, filters, motors and pumps, GFIs, heaters, seals, impellers, jets, timers, buttons and switches, leaks, control tops, lights, spa panels, and a lot more! Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’re glad to help you with your Houston spa repair.