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Do you have pool problems? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! From regularly scheduled pool maintenance Houston TX to critical repairs, our pool care specialists are well trained to deal with your pool needs.

At Pool Repairs Houston, we know your time is important, and that is why we provide specialized spa and pool services and maintenance. Owning a pool requires a great deal of responsibility, but you deserve a break, and we are here to give that to you.

Our certified pool care professionals can maintain your pool in perfect shape week after week, which means you can spend more of your spare time enjoying it! We provide Houston pool maintenance for your pool care needs, including filter cleaning, equipment repairs, and checks, and water chemistry analysis, vacuuming, brushing, and cleaning of the skimmer and basket. Our maintenance program routine includes weekly, bi-monthly or bi-weekly options.

We take satisfaction in our capability to take care of your pool, and we would like nothing more than for your pool ownership to become worry-free. Our insured and fully-certified service and maintenance technicians are going to treat your pool like it had been their very own.

Pool Maintenance The Woodlands

Pool Repairs Houston provides a broad range of pool maintenance The Woodlands services such as emptying the Polaris bag, brushing pool walls, and pool surface skimming. From emptying pump baskets and skimmers to checking out the chemical balance and mechanical process, we get it all done. We provide year-round service by skilled technicians. You can select from one of our maintenance programs, which includes weekly, bi-weekly, or even many times each week. We likewise do specific cleaning services for special events. Our team provides a water quality guarantee’ for weekly clients. This is not available in the quarterly or bi-weekly program.

With each trip to your house, our maintenance program has a deep selection of services needed for the care and upkeep of your Houston swimming pool. We are going to clear the backwash filter, adjust the water level, and balance the water chemistry, together with brushing the pool walls. We are going to clean and examine the automatic pool products, cartridges, as well as the waterline tile. Right after draining the Polaris bag, pump baskets, and skimmer baskets, we are going to ensure the appropriate functioning of the purification process, proper functioning of all pool tools, and skim the water surface totally free of all the debris before vacuuming the pool bottom, having your pool totally clean and prepared to be used.
We leave you a comprehensive explanation of the Houston pool maintenance service performed after each visit.

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Houston Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool is able to provide the best backyard getaway for both you and your family. Pools aren’t just a good spot to unwind and hang out together, but they are also a fantastic way to stay fit and enjoy more excellent health. Pool Repairs Houston can enable you to enjoy your pool area more with our residential pool service. We will deal with pool cleaning, Houston pool maintenance, and also pool opening and closing, so your pool area is going to be completely ready to use when you need it.

Your pool needs to be a clean, safe, and pleasant place to spend time with your loved ones. If you work with an experienced pool service to maintain your pool, you will benefit from the advantages of a picture-perfect pool, without the need to dedicate your spare time to pool cleaning or care. Proper pool care demands the appropriate tools for the project. Your pool service is going to encompass everything that’s essential to preserve your pool, including tools and chemicals, which means you will not need to purchase or store these things at your house.

Pool care involves a lot more than merely keeping the pH balance of the water and keeping it fresh and clean. Your pool service will even look for pool damage or leaks, and also service the pool’s filter and plumbing machine frequently, so you can be certain that your pool is problem-free and safe at all times. Even simple Houston TX pool maintenance Houston takes some time to finish properly, and maintenance should be performed periodically. If you employ an expert to deal with your pool care, you can have more spare time for personal stuff.

Closing and opening your pool properly are essential to the quality and sustainability of your respective swimming pool. Your pool professional is going to ensure your pool is prepared for summer or winter which means you can ensure that your pool investment is protected all the time.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Houston

We concentrate on eliminating those stubborn calcium deposits virtually all pool owners have difficulty with. Our special equipment can easily eliminate those stains effectively and quickly, and your pool tile will appear clean and bright, just like brand-new once again.

Your pool tile actually gets calcium from two sources. It is going to bleed through the grout from the underlying surface area if that surface wasn’t appropriately sealed prior to the installation of the tiles. These are the areas in which the calcium seems to be dripping from the grout lines. These areas may be treated, but sadly the reoccurrence cannot be stopped. These areas are going to require regular treatment to help keep these areas clean.

It can additionally gather in the waterline in case the pH or acid level of the pool water is permitted to be too high for long periods of time. This is that white line that’s present in the waterline. This could additionally be quickly cleaned, and they may be kept in check with keeping the correct pH balance.

Our objective is to make your pool tile look brand new once again. To begin with, we turn off your filter system. For us to see the calcium which has to be eliminated, we drop the water amount of your swimming pool around six inches below the bottom part of the tile.

In order to safeguard your tile, the bead that we use is super fine, nearly like a powder. However, the bead is also heavy enough to drop right down to the bottom part of the swimming pool. Once we clean your tile, we vacuum the bead right into a canvass bag for recycling. This particular vacuuming procedure eliminates 99% of the bead from the bottom part of the swimming pool.